Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reactionaries go on violent rampage in Venezuela after losing elections again: several killed already

The remains of a murdered PSUV sympathizer are taken away
At least seven people were killed and 67 injured by the violence rampage of the reactionary camp after narrowly losing yet another election against the socialists. 

There is little doubt that the elections were perfectly clean, as they have been internationally monitored and a throughout recount (beyond what the law demands) has been accepted by newly proclaimed President Nicolás Maduro (yet Capriles has not issued the formal demand before the electoral commission).

However the right wingers, surely incited by international actors like the USA, Colombia, Spain and the Vatican, have gone on violent, often armed, rampage killing many. 

All the victims seem to be PSUV sympathizers or police agents, as the target of the attacks have been almost invariably PSUV and government sees, as well as the homes of Chavista sympathizers. The government makes reactionary leader Eduardo Capriles responsible for the violence. 

Motorized fascist squad before a barricade
This attitude of violence is not new: electric sabotages happened through the country almost everywhere where Maduro was campaigning, while the few remaining landowners retained stock to simulate lack of supply.

This seems clearly another desperate attempt of coup by the Venezuelan reaction with more than probable support from the imperialist powers. 

I just hope that everyone responsible is arrested and that the steps to full socialism, eradicating significant private property altogether, are accelerated as result of this intolerable coup attempt by the counter-revolution.

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  1. Hi, Maju. I hope you are fine.

    Full socialism? Like where? Could you tell me where people have had even "half" socialism?
    And you think there are more chances in Venezuela? Based on what?
    Do you know what's the proportion of kids going to public schools now versus private schools 14 years earlier? I went to a public school, by the way...in a very poor sector.
    They were pot-banging in that sector in the last few days. It was not Eastern Caracas now. It's everywhere in Venezuela.

    I seem to recall you didn't like Maduro at all...what changed your mind?

    And did you watch Diosdado Cabello talking at the National Assembly yesterday? Oh, boy, that was interesting.

    I thought Maduro would get more votes than what he says he got. After all: a few millions of Venezuelans still believe in the Evil Eye, in María Lionza and in Chávez.

    His popularity is falling faster than I ever thought possible. You just have to listen to him speaking.

    And even if he weren't: economic problems are becoming worse on a daily basis, even if we still are in the middle of the longest oil boom of Venezuela's history...thanks to world prices.

    The government is running out of cheap Haier flat screens to distribute "at socialist prices" (i.e. market prices outside Venezuela)
    and the Chinese want to see more oil.

    A final question: who is that Eduardo Capriles?

    Have a nice day in Euskal Herria!


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