Monday, April 15, 2013

Catalonia: Anarchist group claims bomb attack against bank in bourgeois neighborhood

A so-called Affinity Group for Anarchy has claimed a bomb attack (apparently without explosion) against a bank office of La Caixa in the neighborhood of Las Tres Torres of Sarriá district of Barcelona. 

They claim to have chosen this area because of its outstanding bourgeois character and its relation with personalities like "Princess" Cristina Bourbon and her controversial family entourage (involved in corruption scandals: Noós case), with strong connections to Isidro Fainé (CEO of La Caixa, largest domestic bank of Spain, main benefitiary of the CAN/Banca Cívica corruption scandal, member of the Opus Dei pseudo-religious mafia, and vicepresident of many other companies: Telefónica, Repsol and the Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona). 

The artifact is said to be made by a 3 kg butane container filled with 2 kg of gunpowder, complemented by two smaller camping-gas containers. 

Full text of the communication: Contra Info → original Spanish, English translation.

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