Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Basque Country: political leader arrested for "organizing" event which he did not organize at all

Yesterday, the Spanish military police corps Guardia Civil arrested Iker Rodrigo Basterrechea, militant of socialist-independentist party Sortu, on the spurious accusation of organizing a homage to ETA militant Xabier López Peña, who died in strange circumstances in a French hospital days ago. 

The event was in fact organized by the relatives of López Peña with a private character and not too many people attended. Some of them however cried vivas to ETA, what has been the pretext of the Spanish authorities to order this arrest, which seems totally arbitrary and politically motivated and a clear move to push for the illegalization of Sortu and the wider coalition EH Bildu (which gets 1/4 of all votes) and any meaningful political activity in the Basque Country, forcing the return to war. 

Ref.: Naiz Info[es].

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