Friday, April 12, 2013

Greece: Government attacks the free media: Indymedia Athens and two radios shut down!

From: From the Greek Streets:

Indymedia Athens and Radio 98fm under attack

On Thursday 11 April the Greek extreme right wing government shut down Athens Indymedia and radio station 98fm.

Solidarity to Athens Indymedia and 98 fm.

Urgent call for a protest tomorrow, Friday 12th of April, 13:00, in the central square of Polytechnioupoli, Zografou.

Means of transport busses 608 & 242

Requesting to spread this call!!

For updates in greek visit the temporary page

Update: a second radio Entasi (Tension) was also shut down.

Again from From the Greek Streets:

Athens Indymedia and 98 FM under repression: statement by the Indymedia Athens collective

Repression shall not pass!

Three of the mediums of counter-information of the antagonist movement (, 98FM and Radio Entasi/Tension) received the repression of the state on the afternoon of Thursday 11th of April.

Their internet connection was shut down, following pressure by the attorney general.

During a period in which the entire society struggles even to breath due to the financial, political and social repression, the smaller or larger local nodes of resistance, the smaller or larger worker struggles are refreshing and hopeful; they are those that carry along the ignite of the revolution, which inspire and seed the subversive, radical ideas for us to tear down, once and for all, the world of exploitation…

At this exact moment, and because the real terrorists are terrorised by social resistance, authority attempts to impose the communicative darkness of the established media.

The gagging and the repression of the mediums of counter-information shall not pass in the back pages of their dirty papers and their stations.

Our response shall overcome the ridiculous celebrations of the fasistois and those in power. The mediums of counter-information are our own mediums, they are the voice of our own struggles that show us the way for the world that we want.

We call all people in struggle to a gathering on Friday, April 12th at 1pm, at the central square of the Polytechnic campus (Polytechneioupoli) of Zografou.

Bus access:
608 from Akadimias
242 from Katehaki station
from the administrative collective of

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