Friday, April 19, 2013

Men in black with large black backpacks at Boston attack scene

A military or paramilitary unit of some sort seems to have been active in the scene of the Boston bomb attack. Their "plain clothes" are actually an informal uniform (beige trekking pants and boots, black jackets and backpacks) with many of them wearing also a black cap with a stylized white skull, an icon used variedly by the US Navy SEAL unit, as well as Blackwater (Xe, Academi) and other military subcontractors.

Source: Infowars (link 1, link 2), via Ex-SKF.

These images raise a lot of questions: who exactly are these men in black? Who they obey to? What were they doing in the Boston Marathon? Neither the US Navy nor paramilitary contractors have any jurisdiction on civilian affairs and while the FBI insists on a discourse of "nothing to see here, move along", they do not seem FBI agents either. 

Let's not forget that the US Navy has been previously involved in strange affairs, notably the drill they were performing on invading Haiti on humanitarian pretext exactly when they got one such humanitarian pretext in the form of shallow unexpected massive earthquake. And, of course, they invaded immediately. Earthquake causing weapons do exist nowadays, indeed.


  1. Hombre, me temo que te has equivocado de nuevo.

    Saludos y viva el pluralismo

    ps. me gustaría saber si crees que los astronautas estadounidenses llegaron a la Luna.

    Quizás te guste esto:

    1. Nope, I don't seem to be wrong:

      The mercenary company is Craft International, led by the aforementioned Chris Kyle, and the color of the backpacks fits well with the explosives, while those of the Chechen brothers do not (gray and white, and not big enough for the device to be in them). Incidentally another witness ("suspect") was murdered in custody this week. The elder brother was apparently captured alive but then brutally killed. Probably the younger brother only stayed alive because of an error: he was discovered, still alive but seriously injured, by a citizen after the curfew was lifted.

      Just another inside job (just like 9/11 but less elaborate) to create "terrorism" panic among the populace and experiment with the imposition of the state of emergency in US soil.

    2. Hmmm, I just read that Kyle and a friend were killed on February 2013 in a most strange incident involving a purportedly mentally-ill war veteran.

      Read more about "the craft" at their official site:


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