Saturday, April 27, 2013

Italy deports prisoner of consciousness to Spain

Basque citizen Lander Fernández, persecuted by Spain on exclusively ideological grounds (essentially his unwillingness to put up with police abuses or collaborate with them) has been today arrested in Rome and immediately deported to Spain in spite of the protests of Italian internationalists. 

Lander Fernández is a neighbor of Bilbao who in 2009 denounced[es] to justice and the press to be subject of police persecution, kidnapping, brutality and blackmail. To no avail. The result was further persecution against him: arbitrary arrest when he returned from Venezuela[es] just days after denouncing the police abuses. After that unlikely criminal charges were thrown against him, so he exiled himself to Italy. 

On April 15th a Roman tribunal ruled in favor of his deportation to Spain in spite of a long campaign by Italian and Basque human rights activists.

Video of the detention this morning:

Source: Naiz Info[eu].

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