Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spain: journalist prosecuted for denouncing Falange's crimes against Humankind

In yet another case of fascist political persecution, the tribunal no. 37 of Madrid has brought to trial journalist Gerardo Rivas (El Plural) who, in an opinion article, criticized the procedure against judge Baltasar Garzón (carried on by the fascist organizations Falange Española de las JONS and Manos Limpias) and denounced the notorious historical record of crimes against Humankind of the former.

This record is well known to anyone with the slightest knowledge of Spanish history: Falange and similar fascist organizations did not just promote and collaborate with the criminal coup of Franco in 1936 but also were a most active force in the roadside mass murders of civilians that fascist historians have tried to cover up with no or very limited success. It is estimated that one million people died in the Spanish so-called "civil" war, most of which were simply murdered by death squads in the Fascist zone in a relatively successful attempt of ideological cleansing.

It is just unbearable that Fascist forces like Falange are given this kind of protection while working class forces like the Basque Nationalist Left are systematically persecuted. It evidences who actually rules Spain, even today, 36 years after the death of Franco: the Fascists!

Source: Deia[es].

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