Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spain: protests in Madrid violently repressed

This morning riot police assaulted the Complutense University to evict students who had organized a sit-in in the campus of Somosaguas. Faced with nonviolent resistance, police arrested three. (Source: Kaos[es]).

In the evening 1400 police agents were deployed against the demonstration called by the platform En Pie! (Stand!), which demanded the resignation of Government, Parliament and King and the initiation of a constituent process. 

This protest, which was broken by police violence early on, resulting in several arrests and further police blockades against the columns that attempted to join it from all Madrid. 

Groups of people set fire barricades in various places as night fell on the imperial city. 

By 21:00 the demo seems to have been all but completely annihilated by police intervention.

Main source: Público[es].

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