Friday, April 5, 2013

Obituary: Javier Nagore

Yesterday I found a poster on a wall near my home that truly shocked me:

I'm almost certain that he greeted me two weeks ago when I was totally absent on my way back home. And now Javi is gone. 

He died suddenly at his apartment because of a pneumonia (he had asthma problems if my memory is correct). He was 60, a bit too young for a man of such a rare integrity. 

What can I say? I have known him for decades, since the time I was affiliated to the CNT. Always smiling, always helpful and kind, a very humble person who lived with very little, did not smoke nor drink nor even stopped at bars at all. He always wore clothes that looked a little too used, he lived in a small apartment somewhere around here - not sure where exactly.

His brother was my neighbor for some time also, what provided some occasions for friendly chat at the stairs or whatever. 

As labor attorney he obviously helped many people and as whole-life Anarchist militant he was also obviously a fighter for all the things that are and must be right.

Really the kind of people that you'd love society was made of.

And now Javi is gone...

What can I say? Gogoan zaitugu, as we say in Basque: we keep you in the soul (memory, mind, wish... all that is gogo... soul is probably the best approximate translation). 

The World and especially this town of Bilbao loses a great person. I can just hope that his memory helps us fill the void he leaves. 

Even if I only met him now and then I truly feel I have lost a very good friend: someone you really knew you could trust, who always made you feel good.  And I'm certain I am not the only one who feels that way at all.

Agur Javi. Agur eta ohore.

Goodbye Javi. Goodbye and honor.

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