Friday, April 5, 2013

Greek Nazi leader thrown to the sea

Finally some good news to cheer up. From I Can't Relax in Greece:

Golden Dawn candidate MP thrown in the sea at the harbour of Chania

Stelios Vlamakis, Golden Dawn candidate, was thrown in the sea at the Venetian port of Chania [Crete] by local residents reacting to the attacks against immigrants and other residents by Golden Dawn supporters at the centre of Chania.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening. Golden Dawn members were having fun till 18:30 in the evening at a cafeteria at Apokoronou Street, downtown Chania.
Around 10 Golden Dawn members had gotten extremely drunk since early afternoon, singing various anthems and giving the Nazi salute.

The place where they were having fun is just a few meters away from an AEK [football] fan club of Chania and around 70 meters away from the offices of the local committee of KKE [the Communist Party of Greece] that are located on the same street.

Leaving from the cafeteria around 7 and moving towards the Venetian harbour, the Golden Dawn members attacked against two immigrants, according to witnesses, and came to verbal confrontation with a teacher, member of the Board the County Department of ADEDY [Civil Servants' Confederation].

Arriving at the harbour and while keeping up this kind of behaviour, at the same time that the police were absent, the Golden Dawn members came to a dispute with store patrons and harbour visitors. Following these, people from the anarchist scene gathered together at the ‘Fountain’ square of the Venetian Harbour and scuffled with them.

During the scuffle a Golden Dawn candidate MP was thrown in the sea and two other members of the organization (43 and 23 years old) were injured and taken to Chania’s Hospital to receive the first aid.

... continues at I Can't Relax in Greece.

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