Thursday, April 18, 2013

Greece: immigrant workers shot by capitalist death squad when claiming their 6-month unpaid salaries

At least 34 Bangladeshi workers were injured by shots fired at them by strawberry fields' managers when they were demanding their unpaid salaries from six months in an incident that recalls images of colonial-fascist Honduras or Colombia but pretty much unheard of in Europe... until now. 

Police has arrested the owner but the perpetrators were able to flee to Patras. The crime took place in Manolada, Ilia.

This is not the first time that violent incidents take place around the unpaid salaries to farm workers but it is the first time in which live fire was used. 

Communist parties SYRIZA and KKE have condemned the racist attack.

Source: I Can't Relax in Greece.

Update: international boycott call against Manolada strawberries → I Can't Relax in Greece.

Update (Apr 19): video of the aftermath of the massacre (from ICRING again):

Living quarters of the workers

Update (Apr 21): the three criminal foremen have been arrested, a well as another person who was sheltering them.

One of the criminals was previously involved in a similar racist aggression case, for which he has yet to be tried: he carjacked an Egyptian immigrant. 

None of the assassins has been named and police (which is nowadays essentially an armed extension of Golden Dawn) does not attribute racist motivations to them.

Source: ICRING.

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