Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spanish Inquisition to censor Basque youth site

The Spanish special political tribunal Audiencia Nacional (aka the Inquisition) has ordered today the closure of the website of Ernai (Basque independentist youth movement) on claim of "apology of terrorism" for its page on the Xabier López Peña[eu], ETA militant killed by prison and hospital neglect in Paris recently.

The page sends a warm embrace to the relatives of the deceased, denouncing the criminal prison policies of France and Spain as the murderers, demanding an urgent change in those prison policies, including the immediate repatriation of all Basque prisoners. It ends with a call for demonstrations in several localities for March 30 and the slogan: Struggle is the way! Farewell and respect, Xabier!

You tell me what in that is illegal. Well, probably all, even breathing is surely illegal for Basques these days... but, meh, seriously...

The real issue here is that Spain obviously wants to divert the attention from its own extremely dramatic socio-economic problems by re-creating the traditional Basque enemy by means of sustained and even increased repression. Threats against Basque politicians have been common in the last months. A real peace seems farther away than ever before but only because Spanish authorities, with full complicity of French ones, etc. want the war to begin again. 

Will they achieve it?

Source: Gara[eu].

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