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Dead prisoners in strange circumstances, prisoners in hunger strike: Palestinian, Basque and Guantanamo prisoners dying in the Capitalist gulags

Of course that these are not the only political prisoners suffering brutal abuses but today we have to go over these three apparently different situations yet so similar. They all suffer under the same Empire and Tyranny in any case.

López Peña's strange death

Political prison killer
Xabier López Peña murdered
Let's begin at home, or rather 1400 kilometers far away, in Paris. Xabier López Peña, 54, Basque guerrilla (ETA) and political prisoner at Fleury-Mérogis, near Paris, was denied treatment. When he was finally brought to hospital, his relatives were not informed, becoming only aware via his prisoner comrades, a week later, who told them that he was not in that prison anymore and that they did not know his destiny.  

Since that moment the family began a frantic quest to know where Xabier was, getting to know eventually that he was hospitalized at Pitié-Salpêtrière, not for a heart problem, as was reported  initially, but to get further analysis to know if he needed a bypass or what.

That was on March 18th, seven days after Xabier was moved from prison to that hospital. After another labyrinthine quest, they found out from a nurse (all authorities declined to comment) in which room he was, although the relatives were still not allowed to visit him. Only the attorney Yolanda Molina could and she reported that he was in very bad shape. 

Finally the relatives got permission to visit him but when they arrived they were informed that Xabier had died... thirteen hours earlier in fact. Not even a phone call to inform them. 

Xabier López Peña had suffered an ictus months earlier but instead of keeping him in an emergency room at hospital, he was sent back to prison. All demands for the law to be applied so he could be set in some degree of freedom for his illness to be attended properly were ignored.

The physicians at Pitié-Salpêtrière have not been able to explain his death. The autopsy was performed without the presence of a physician of the trust of the family. The results are still unknown. Instead of being in the intensive care unit, he was in the penitentiary area of the hospital all the time. 

The family and attorney have announced that they will denounce hospital, prison and prefecture for these criminal abuses. 

Source: Ateak Ireki[es] (includes video of the press conference).

Palestine: Maysara Abuhamdia's very similar case

Palestinian political prisoner Maysara Abuhamdia had a similarly cruel destiny in Zionist prisons. Suffering from serious long-term throat problems (later known to be a cancer), he got two biopsies, whose results were never reported, but he was never given any proper treatment he was given "flu shots" (?) which only aggravated his problems, giving him serious chest pain.

Two months later, when he could not even speak anymore and had lost 15 kilos, the doctors saw him again and told him that he had only a few days left of life. He was still not allowed to stay in that hospital but transferred to a remote hospital in the Negev (Naqab) Desert.

Demonstration in protest for Abuhamdia's murder

Maysara Abuhamdia (also written Abuhamdieh) was a Fatah fighter first in Palestine and then in the Lebanese exile. After the Oslo accords, he was denied the right to return, which was only achieved thanks to the personal intervention of Yasser Arafat. He then joined the autonomous Palestinian police force, being arrested in the course of the Second Intifada and charged with arbitrary accusations. 

He was brutally interrogated for months but apparently did not give the Zionists any information. He was first sentenced to 25 years but the prison term extended to 99 years on prosecution's appeal. 

In 2007 he became a victim of the so-called Ramleh slaughterhouse: a Zionist clinic for prisoners where they seem to perform medical experiments Mengele style. Abuhamdia was sent there with a stomach ulcer and later denounced that the Zionist physicians experimented with him without consent. He wrote:

The intentional negligence starts during the treatment, when the doctors receive orders to not cure the patient but to give him painkillers without any restoration of the damaged parts. These instructions come from the Israeli security apparatus, and the goal is to keep the prisoners alive but not cured to be a lesson to others.

He also denounced how Mansour Maqoudeh, was shot in the spine during his arrest by the occupation forces in 2002, which left him paralyzed. He was given injections in his abdomen by the Israeli Prison Service that caused him intestinal damage. Maqoudeh suffers from bouts of convulsions and unconsciousness, and can only urinate through a plastic bag.

Another political prisoner, Khader Adnan, also denounced the Nazi treatment at Ramleh:

Some were beaten occasionally, others were chained by their arms and legs to their hospital beds, still others were placed in some sort of cages and totally ignored. It’s simply a horrifying place.

There are many of such terrible stories about how prisoners are criminally abused by their Zionazi captors until they die.

Abuhamdia's son accused the Palestinian Authority (which is in power without elections via emergency laws) of abandonment and betrayal:

The PA and the Israeli occupation are two sides to the same coin. They both must be annihilated.

Source and more details: Electronic Intifada (link 1, link 2). 

130 Guantanamo prisoners in hunger strike

Against the official US version, which claims that only 31 political prisoners are in hunger strike, the fact seems to be that 130 is the real number (out of 166). This was known by attorney Clive Stafford via a telephone call by prisoner Shaker Aamer. Aamer denounced the worsening of the treatment by the military guards in the US offshore concentration camp, who have been trying to break the solidarity of hunger strikers to no avail. 

Aamer, one of the many political prisoners who are kept hostage without any charges by the USA in their military colony in Cuba, has lost 15 kilos already because of the hunger strike. In Camp V, where Aamer is being held, 66 prisoners are in hunger strike, 15 of them with very low sugar levels and seven already hospitalized. 

Last Thursday, attorneys of the political hostages denounced before the courts in an emergency plea, that the guards have denied clean water to the prisoners and keep the temperature of the jail extremely cold as a way to discourage them. As I said before, to no avail. 

Source: LINyM[es].

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