Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Greece: hunger stike in immigrant concentration camp

From I Can't Relax in Greece...:

“We live like dogs and sleep in shifts”

“We could die without anyone even learning about it. It is our fifth day on hunger strike in the detention facilities of the Police Station of Moshato. We live like dogs”, says Armen Mourantian: “We sleep in shifts in a room full of dirt. Six people sharing three mattresses. Three full rooms. In the fourth one, which is the largest, they have cornered more than 15 people”.

It was already past midnight when the young Armenian made a phone call to ‘E’ in order to make a plea for help. “This moment we are aloud to make phone calls. We were arrested by men of DIAS group [special police group on motorbikes] in the street. Our papers were expired. None of us has been charged with theft or any felonies. We are held for 7-8 months with a deportation decision”.

He mentions his co-inmates one by one, with their name. With him in the detention facility there is M. Arhani, Iranian, whose parents were murdered by the regime. He came asking for asylum. With him there is also A. Stanti from Iraq and Ah. Asfer from Pakistan. And the “grandpa”. A 55 year old Egyptian who has already committed suicide once. He has been living in Greece for 28 years. He has a child. But his papers expired. He needs to be examinded by a doctor. Every morning he asks for hismedication. He suffers from serious psychological problems. The policemen ingore him. The Pakistani guy started having a delirium. “He has been surrounded by walls for four months. He have not seen the sun. We have rotten from the humidity here”.

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