Sunday, April 14, 2013

Protest in Madrid demanding investigation of convicted fascist murderer Emilio Hellín

Emilio Hellín Moro was the material author of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Basque communist student, resident in Madrid, Yolanda González in 1980. In spite of being a convicted criminal it was recently known he is assessing with several police forces of Spain, including the Western Basque Autonomous Police Corps (Ertzaintza).

Yolanda González Martín was member of the Workers' Socialist Party (PST) and an active student leader in Vallecas (Madrid), where she studied electronics. She was kidnapped by Emilio Hellín, Ignacio Abad, José Ricardo Prieto and Félix Pérez, who made up a fascist death squad, Grupo 41 (a commando of the Batallón Vasco-Español state terrorist unit). These four and two accomplices were tried and sentenced to several penalties, Hellín getting the maximum possible one back then: 30 years, plus another penalties: 13 years, three months and again three months.

After just 14 years in jail, Hellín managed to run away to Paraguay, where he was protected by the fascist regime of Stroessner. Later, back in Spain, he changed his name to Luis Enrique and never went back to jail. 

Recent homage to Yolanda González in Deustu, Bilbao

While the various authorities have promised to "investigate the matter", so far they have done nothing but a mockery and Hellín remains salaried and protected by the state, evidencing once again that Spain is a terrorist state against its own citizens. 

Main source: Diario Octubre[es].

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