Monday, September 2, 2013

Fascist USA: police violently arrest peaceful anti-war activist for no reason and keep her incommunicado

Emily Yates, a member of Iraq Veterans Against War, cried "this is a police state" as she was arrested and she could not be more correct. That's exactly how a police state looks like: you are arbitrarily and violently arrested for no reason whatsoever and you are kept incommunicado afterwards.

They call it "democracy" but it is not.

Video of the arrest:

According to the Emily Yates Defense Fund, which is raising money for her legal defense, she has not been allowed any communication with the outside world since she was arrested. 

In fact we do not know even if she is alive at all, as the last we can watch in the video is how police agents choke her.

The incident happened in Philadelphia. 

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