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Greece: the murder of Killah P was necessarily approved by Michaloliakos

Who's Michaloliakos?, you may ask. I also need to copy-paste the spelling, admittedly. He is better known in this blog as the turd-o-führer because I always find extremely hard to believe that such a dumb-looking guy, a dwarf next to his bodyguards, can be the leader of one of the most menacing and openly Nazi movements in Europe (or anything else for that matter). But well, guess that Hitler's ridiculous mustache was also quite unimpressive and he's right now at the right of Satan in the Western mythology of Evil. Well, he is the General Secretary of Golden Dawn.

A former GD member admits in interview that Michaloliakos must have approved the murder of Pavlos Fyssas "Killah P".
I believe that Fyssas became a target because of his songs that were annoying. I believe there clearly was an order for his murder. The purpose of the one who hit him on the heart cannot have been to intimidate Fyssas.

How could Lagos make such a decision without first telling Michaloliakos?
This is not possible.

Therefore Michaloliakos knew that they were going to murder Fyssas?

In my view, yes. There is a hierarchy. This means that a member reports something to the leader of local core; the core leader passes this to the MP who is in charge of the local branch; and the MP passes it to the leader.

More details on the hierarchical responsibility of all GD for the murder:
According to some information, the lifting of the secrecy of communication has shown that Patelis spoke to the perpetrator and Lagos spoke with Patelis.
Of course, they would contact Patelis and then he would call Lagos.

Could Lagos, transgressing the hierarchy, not have contacted Michaloliakos?

I cannot be sure about this. From what I have experienced, the leader is always informed so that he can give permission.

It was an intentional murder:
It is said that Roupakias’s strike was intended to kill.

You don’t strike at the heart if you do not want to kill.

The acting murderer was a tool:
Let’s get back to Roupakias. You are saying that he was not a very intelligent person, he was dependent on GD and he just went there when Patelis asked him to?

When Roupakias joined Golden Dawn everyone was making fun of him. Some people that did not have a personality and could be used to do all sorts of favours were put there to act as henchmen and follow orders. Roupakias was an instrument.

Alright, but how does one reach the point of committing a murder?

Brainwashing. When this moment comes you just do not think of anything. Maybe we was promised something.

Police connivance and collaboration:
Are there policemen helping you?
In Golden Dawn we never had problems with the police. There may have been some police attacks against GD, but they have always been on our side. We never had them against us with exception of Agios Panteleimonas, where they could not have done differently. They cover us in all our demonstrations.

What does this mean exactly? Are there policemen who are Golden Dawners?

There are individuals who are former army officials, other individuals who are policemen, who are not members so that they will not be visible, but are supporters of GD.

Do they also come to the offices?

No, they never set foot in the offices.

How do they communicate with the leaders?

Through the internet and mainly through Facebook, using fake profiles.

Let's recall that every other police agent voted for Golden Dawn in the last elections. So it is a much more widespread and worrying infiltration that these comments admit to.

More on how the murder plan could not have been ignored by the command chain up to Michialoliakos:
Who decides which actions are to take place? Who is the one saying go out to distribute newspapers or have your batons ready and prepare to attack?

There is a discussion in the five-member council (a council consisting of five members that is governing each local branch) and they reach a decision. They pass it to the relevant MP who then passes it to the leader. The leader says OK and then we move into action.

So the leader knows everything? There is no chance Michaloliakos in not informed about anything?
No, there is no such possibility. At least this is what we have been told. Michaloliakos used to always say that if you act on an individual basis you will not have the movement’s support. We should always act as a team.

Roupakias (the murderer) was a member of the Nikaia decision-making council:
There is evidence Roupakias was in Golden Dawn. Even more, he has been a member for a year and he has been one of the five members of Nikaia’s council. But he is not ideologically related with the movement and I cannot know if he was offered something.

There is indeed something strange in the history of Roupakias, a former KKE member who was renowned by his cowardice and lack of compromise, and who suddenly jumps to the Nikaia Nazi council and becomes the murdering hand of GD.

The Leader (Mikhaloliakos) is everything in GD:
I believe the problem starts from the leader. I think he is the worst in there. We are all the leader’s instruments. Even the MPs follow orders from the leader.

All the storm-troopers present must have known in advance about the plan of murder:
Why didn’t the other 30 that were present at the murder try to prevent Roupakias? Did they know they were out to murder?

Those who participate in this storm troop and go out for actions are informed about what they are going to do. They receive orders in advance from the office. They arrange who is going to provide coverage and who is going to do what.

If the Nikaia group acted on their own, they would have been expelled (they were not):
So if Lagos had acted on his own, would he get expelled?

Certainly. The movement was traduced. All of the members, we were traduced. Everyone disagrees with the murder. If Lagos had acted on his own, the leader would have abandoned him. Just like what had happened with Periandros a few years ago. Periandros got in jail and Golden Dawn abandoned him; they did not even get a lawyer for him. Periandros’s name is prohibited within Golden Dawn. He had the courage to say after so many years that Golden Dawn would get dismantled if he opened his mouth. After all these years. The only reason he has not already done anything is because he is on a 16-month probation.

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