Saturday, September 21, 2013

Garzón exposed as torturer in Argentina

Garzón leaving the building by a backdoor
Former Spanish super-judge Baltasar Garzón, diffusely popular in some international circles for his mediatic (but totally inefficient) attempts to judge some international criminals like Pinochet or G.W. Bush, and nowadays also attorney of the beleaguered research journalist Julian Assange, was exposed in an Argentine radio show for what he actually is: a chief torturer and repressor with a big ego.

As he was being interviewed in Radio Nacional of Argentina, when he dared to make mention to Andalusian poet and victim of fascism Federico García Lorca, members of the public booed him saying that he is in fact "a repressor of Basque fighters". One of them stated:
It is a shame that you come here to talk of human rights when you have doomed to systematic torture and tens of years of prison to popular fighters for the only reason of being independentist. 

Other members of the public showed photos of Unai Romano (a notorious victim of Spanish systematic torture practices, hidden and allowed by Garzón and other political judges) as well as Basque flags. The protest continued then outside the radio station for hours. The fake human rights' hero had to be escorted by police under popular boos.

Source: Gara[es].

Update (Sep 22): BDG! has today an article[es] on this issue with a deep analysis from Argentina denouncing the falsehood and deep hypocrisy of Garzón.

He is not only accused of torturing and violating the human rights of Basque activists, as well as Galicians, Catalans, Arabs, etc. from his all-powerful seat as judge of the Audiencia Nacional (tribunal of fascist creation for political cases). He was key in implementing the doctrine of "all is ETA", by which hundreds of peaceful activists were suddenly "upgraded" to "terrorists", by which two newspapers, several magazines and at least one radio station were closed overnight (many years later acquitted but the damage was already done), imprisoning and torturing some of their journalists.

But he is also an accomplice of fascist terror: he personally invalidated the demand by human rights organizations in representation of more than 152,000 victims of fascist terror in Spain.

In Latin America he has also been a paladin of fascist terror, being advisor to Colombian presidents, first Uribe, now Santos, being key in the impediments to persecuting military terrorists in the South American country. In Venezuela instead he supported the putschist media RCTV when it lost its license. Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodríguez called him "a clown who came to our country to give lessons of democracy", a "pro-imperialist judge" who "came here paid and salaried to say what the Venezuelan opposition want to hear".

Assange, Ecuador: you should know who placed the mics in the embassy by now. Get rid of that fascist!

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