Friday, September 20, 2013

Belgium, Catalonia: anti-capitalist sabotages

This month there have been several anti-capitalist sabotages in Western Europe:


(Dated to September 12th)

A large telecommunications station in Koningslo, near Brussels, was destroyed by fire arson. Flames reached 50 m. high and firefighters needed many hours to stop the fire. Regional communications of Base and Movistar were interrupted, the damage is set to affect the communications for months. 

A police car was set on fire before the Mortsel station. Apparently it is a revenge for the killing by beating of a youth two years ago in those dungeons. It is already the second such attack.

At Dinant, a forestal truck was set on fire. Again this is the second such attack with an apparently ecologist background, as permission to exploit forests has been expanded in Belgium recently. 

In Louvain, a bank office was also arsoned.

Source: Contra Info.


In September 16th, locks of the offices of energy company Endesa were sealed in protest against the construction of very high voltage line.

Source: Contra Info.

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