Saturday, September 14, 2013

Greece: large anti-fascist demo

"Thousands" according to The Guardian took to the streets in Athens to protest the brutal attack by Nazis against KKE activists earlier this week.

There are growing fears that the Nazi party, with full support of the weak bourgeois government and the European (EU) and Imperial (NATO) authorities, are trying to stir up a civil war type of conflict, conflict in which they have the upper hand because they have already taken effective control of the police and are influential in the Army's officialdom (not among the soldiers however, who are recruits). 

Much as in Italy in the 1920s, the only way out of this situation is active popular self-defense, because the government is not willing nor probably able anymore to control the Nazis, which are going out of control and may well stage a coup of some sort unless the Working Class is ready to fight them.

An electoral exit to the Greek impasse may well be out of reach because, even if there are elections and the Radical Left wins, how are they going to keep control of a state apparatus so deeply penetrated by Nazi terrorists? There is urgent need, and not just in Greece but also elsewhere in Europe, to get ready to fight against fascism by all means necessary. 

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