Monday, September 2, 2013

Syria announces that it will retaliate, if bombed, by flattening Israel in three hours

Damascus has become outspoken about what may happen if Obama actually does what he says (what is intrinsically unlikely) about bombing Syria. 

They have announced that they would launch a thousand missiles against "occupied Palestine" (they mean Israel in essence) in just three hours. 

That would be just the beginning because Syria has some 200,000 missiles. 

They also warned that making war to Syria would end up backfiring because the retaliation would reach the Western capitals themselves. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es], citing HispanTV. 

While they said nothing about other targets, the US military base of Incirlik in SE Turkey looks like a candidate target as well. I am not sure if Syrian missiles can reach other targets like the very ships of the 6th Fleet or the US bases in the Persian Gulf without being knocked down in the meantime, what is certain is that Iranian forces can, and can also close the Strait of Hormuz in a matter of hours without the USA being able to do anything about it.

It is unclear if the US aggression would spillover to the Gulf or even to Russia, which has sent ships to the area in an unmistakable signal of warning. If so it could well escalate to nuclear holocaust in no time. 

Sincerely, I think that Obama will let Congress veto him on this matter, exactly as Cameron did in London. They have tested the waters and it's quite clear that they are too deep and unsavory. Al Qaeda will have to look for some other place to mess with.

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