Thursday, September 19, 2013

Greece: huge demos and police-Nazi repression after murder of singer Killah P

Pavlos Fissas Killah P
Large demos and clashes shattered Greece in the aftermath of the murder, with full police collaboration, of hip-hop musician Pavlos Fissas "Killah P".

Chronological account by From the Greek Streets (2nd link):

19:00 (GMT+2) Thousands in the Antifascist demo in Panagi Tsaldari street near to the point of assassination.The direction is Golden Dawns’s offices in Nikaia. Right-wing politician P. Kammenos and corporate media journalists  who attempted to approach the demo were attacked and ousted by the demonstrators.

19:13 (GMT+2) Thousands have flooded the streets of Keratsini. The demo moves towards the town hall of Keratsini. Police attacked front of the police department and demonstrators attacked to the police department in Grigori Lambraki street.

19:22 (GTM+2) The demonstration has been attacked by police with tear gas and stun grenades.

19:40 (GTM+2) A large anarchist/antifascist block of 3000-4000 people is heading towards Golden Dawn’s offices in Nikaia. Pawn offices are being smashed. People are chanting  ‘the blood is running, it seeks revenge’.

19:45 (GTM+2) The antifascist/anarchist block is now clashing with the police. The people hold on.

19:58 (GTM+2) Widespread clashes with the police in Keratsini. Teargas and barricades in Grigoriou Lambraki street and Panagi Tsaldari Avenue.

20:20 (GTM+2) Small groups of ‘people’ next to riot police squads in Panagi Tsaldari in Athens are throwing stones against demonstrators.

20:36 (GMT+2) Clashes on various points in Keratsini. The air is full of chemicals so a lot of rubbish bins are on fire. Thousands of people walk around after the disperse. On small streets police officers detain people who suspect as demonstrators.

20:46 (GMT=2) Clashes close to the Kerasini police station, tear gases and Molotov cocktails the last 30 minutes.

20:53 (GMT+2) On the corner of Grigoriou Lambraki and Tsaldari at least 10 demonstrators have been stabilized on the street by the police and are being detained. Police still attacks and disperse groups of demonstrators wherever they find them.  In other areas stones are thrown to the police.

20:59 (GMT+2) On Grigoriou Lambraki avenue clash still goes on.

21:06 (GMT+2) People, possibly demonstrators, have been trapped on a block of flats on Tsaldari and Lambraki corner. Police requested attorney permission to raid the building, while the trapped ones have called lawyers to reach them. On the same corner police attacked and detained without reason demonstrators earlier.

21:22 (GMT+2) Police has detained more than 30 people so far in Athens. Four demonstrators injured.

21:30 (GMT+2) 2 police water cannons in Keratsini.

21:47 (GMT+2) 30 people detained in Thessaloniki.

22:04 (GMT+2) Police continue to detain people in Athens, so far the number has increased to 65.

22:32 (GMT+2) About 20 people who found refuge in a cafeteria in Panagi Tsaldari have been detained by police. More people still remain on the roof of a nearby building.

01:17 (GMT+2) Demonstrator at risk of losing his eye from tear gas that was shot directly at him by cops. He is operated at the Tzaneio hospital.

02:26 (GMT+2) Riot Police attacks without any reason to the solidarity gathering in front of the police headquarters (GADA) in Athens.

At 2:25 (GMT+2) police attacks to the hundrends of people who have been gathered in front of the Athens police HQs. Over 100 detains and over 50 arrests so far from the march in Keratsini.

Video of Nazis throwing stones side by side with riot police (source: FTGS):

The Guardian reports that the government will use this murder to impose emergency legislation.  The emphasis of the article is that it will move to ban Golden Dawn but the details are less clear, especially considering that police forces are almost 100% penetrated by this Nazi organization.

I Can't Relax In Greece! echoes the cry of a senior consultant at the Nikaia hospital, where Fissas was declared dead: they have been training on the bodies of immigrants for three years!

Mr. Papanikolau attacked the mass media for promoting the Nazis, in his own words: inviting the fascists to lifestyle TV shows as if they were catwalk models

Protests are expected to continue today.

Zero tolerance to fascism! 

Update: Antifascist protester loses eye. As mentioned above a demonstrator was hit by a gas canister in the eye, according to FTGS:
Police was shooting directly to the people’s heads the tear gas canisters with the special tear gas weapon, among the dozens antifa demonstration who were injured yesterday was one who was hit with tear gas canister in the eye. The doctors of Tzaneio operated him for 2.5 hours but they could not save his  eye.

Update: Nazi acts canceled in panic for popular anger. Again from FTGS:
Golden Dawn leader Michaloliakos announced a few hours after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas that next day he will give a speech in Nikaia (the local branch where the murdered Roupakias is member of)  he invited all the Nazis to join him for the event. At the same time that the vice leader Pappas and the press officer of GD Kassidiaris claimed that the murder has nothing to do with Golden Dawn. However in early hours of the morning after the big antifa demonstrations that took place all over the country and attacked GD local branches everywhere, the event was cancelled, and vanished from their webpages. Meanwhile antifa and the trade Unions of Peireus and Keratsini (the latter are affiliated with the Communist Party and its union PAME) announced a counter gathering close to the scheduled Nazi event that they will “cut the hand of the fascists”.

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