Thursday, September 19, 2013

Greece: murderer of Killah P only arrested because of individual police "hero"

While Nazis were attacking Killah P and other antifascists in Piraeus police agents of the DIAS (motorbike) police were standing by and doing nothing. Only one policewoman, all on her own, intervened when the murderer, pulled a knife, while her colleagues rejected to act on the pretext that "the culprits were too many".

According to witnesses, but also information from within the police, policemen from DIAS group were already in the area even  before the 45-year-old succeeded the murderous strike against 34-year-old Pavlos, after the tension had started to build up.

But the “friends” of the alleged culprit  were too many and the policemen avoided intevening.

The moment the 45-year-old pulled his knife, a policewoman from DIAS group started running towards him shouting “Hey, not the knife!” However she did not manage to prevent what was about to follow.

The policewoman was allegedly shouting towards her colleagues asking for their help with the latter abstaining using the excuse that “the culprits are too many”.

On her own, the policewoman threw the culprit on the ground, immobilised him by placing her gun on his back and then handcuffed him.
This is how the 45-year-old was arrested.

According our information, the policewoman is in a very bad psychological state.

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