Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria: "chemical attack victims" recognized by their relatives: kidnapped in Latakia by the Islamists

The children who appeared in a video as victims of the alleged "chemical attack" in Damascus have been recognized by their relatives: they were kidnapped in Latakia (the main Syrian harbor, NW of the country) before the false-flag show, of which Western governments are fully accomplices (or more likely organized directly, as hacked emails suggest).

115 Latakian citizens, of which 68 were minors were kidnapped by the Islamist terrorist groups weeks before the attack. According to the Syrian government, they were then concentrated in a single spot and gassed, however it seems plausible that, because of Western scruples, they were in fact just drugged, as appeared in a video that I could watch before YouTube censored the whole account (heh, freedom of information?)

What we do not know is what happened to them after the video was filmed. I fear that they are dead by now, if nothing else in order to erase their pretty dirty tracks. Those Islamists and US spies have no compassion.

There are also many first person accounts, which either reject the existence of the chemical attack altogether or blame it on the Islamists.

Probably there was a small chemical scatter to provide a "fingerprint" and all the rest is fake videos like the one of the kidnapped children or the other one of the "zombies", which was filmed in Qatar's "Little Hollywood", along with a concert of big lying mouths insisting on a single and quite unlikely culprit: Assad. 

Main source: Webguerrillero[es], citing Telesur.

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