Friday, September 20, 2013

Greece: protests continue as country shattered by Nazi murderous impunity

Yesterday evening there were more large demos in Athens in protest against Nazi murderous impunity. 

Again police acted to protect the Nazi offices, although it seems that there were no overt clashes, unlike the previous night. 

Doctors have denounced police's ultra-violence. Communication:

19/09/13 Denouncement of the G.H. Tzanio five-member committee of the Union of Hospital Doctors of Athens and Piraeus.

As doctors of the Tzanio general hospital, we express our strong concern, as yesterday night 18/09/13, after the protests against the murder of the young Pavlos Fyssas by a member of Golden Dawn, 31 protesters were brought to the surgical department, all with blows on the head. The injured people reported blows by batons, helmets, shields and kicks from ”Delta” and ”Dias” teams (motorcycle police), whereas there were reports of rocks being thrown from the side of the police towards the protesters, aiming for the head, from members of Golden Dawn. One of the people who got injured, after being operated, is hospitalized at the ophthalmological department of the hospital, with a ruptured bulb from a stun canister. He reported being aimed directly on the head and is in danger of suffering a permanent loss of vision in one eye. We urge for a halt of the policy of intensification of the state and parastate repression in order not to mourn any more victims.

G.H. Tzanio five-member committee of the Union of Hospital Doctors of Athens and Piraeus.

There are solidarity demonstrations called for tomorrow in a number of European cities. At the very least in London and Bilbao. 

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