Saturday, September 21, 2013

EU diplomats attacked by Zionist troops

Marion Castaing under Zionist guns
A EU aid caravan with diplomatic immunity was attacked by Zionist troops when they tried to deliver tents and other aid to Palestinians whose homes had been demolished by the Genocidal Apartheid Regime at Khirbet al-Makhul (West Bank).

According to Reuters:
Israeli soldiers manhandled European diplomats on Friday and seized a truck full of tents and emergency aid they had been trying to deliver to Palestinians whose homes were demolished this week.

A Reuters reporter saw soldiers throw sound grenades at a group of diplomats, aid workers and locals in the occupied West Bank, and yank a French diplomat out of the truck before driving it away.

“They dragged me out of the truck and forced me to the ground with no regard for my diplomatic immunity,” French diplomat Marion Castaing said.
“This is how international law is being respected here,” she said, covered with dust.

Where is NATO when you really need it?

Video of the destruction of the tents at Khirbet al-Makhul by the Apartheid Regime's forces:

By the way, did you see these news anywhere on TV. I did not. So good for the "free western media".

Source: Electronic Intifada.

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