Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fukushima latest

Some of the latest (and of course disturbing) news on the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

Tokyo suburb contamination worse than near Fukushima Daiichi

The data collected by a new study on radioactive pollution in Japan (→ LINK, open access) shows that some areas of Tokyo (Kashima) have levels of cesium contamination four times worse than some sites just two kilometers from the devastated nuclear plant. 


Tokyo governor: Fukushima is "NOT under control"

Tokyo governor Naoki Inose declared that: the leakage of contaminated water is not under control necessarily at this stage

The Town Assembly of Namie (Fukushima), in an unanimous decision, also protested PM Shinzo Abe's claims of the catastrophe being "under control", claims made to influence the Olympic games decision but which bear no resemblance to reality. 

Radioactive scrap metal seized in China

A shipment of radioactive scrap metal from Japan was seized by port authorities in China.

Russia to extend ban of Japanese seafood imports

Russia will continue rejecting the import of Japanese seafood from NE Japan, in line with a similar recent decision by South Korea.

Another illegal dump of radioactive material

Hundreds of tons of radioactive waste (cesium-tainted wood chips reading up to 3000 Bq/kg) were found near Japan's biggest lake (Lake Biwa) in yet another case of mafioso crime against health and ecology.


Refugees forgotten in abandoned school

Some 100, mosly elderly, refugees from Futaba Machi have been forgotten by the Japanese authorities in an abandoned school building. 


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