Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syria: hostages confirm that the chemical attack was done by the Islamists

The evidence piling up is so large that if there would be any justice in this world, Obama's nose would be now a kilometer long. Or in other more barbaric traditions his tongue might have been cut off so he could not lie anymore. 

Newly freed Italian journalist Federico Chirico, who was held hostage with Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin, said that he overhead a Skype conversation between three guerrilla members, including one who said to be a General of the Syrian Liberation Army, in which they acknowledged that the chemical attack was perpetrated by themselves and that it was done to trigger a Western military intervention. They also mentioned that the number of deaths being reported was wildly exaggerated.   

Chrico upon arrival to Rome

Piccinin also heard the communication and declared that it is their moral obligation to declare that it was not the government of Bashar al Assad which used the chemical weapons, but the armed opposition. 

They mentioned that they were very angry when they realized that the attack was being used against Assad, knowing that it was false. In the five months of their kidnapping, they were held by different groups, some extremely violent, anti-Western, anti-Christian Islamists.

They tried to run away twice but were captured and punished very harshly, with beatings and other physical abuse. Chirico was even submitted twice to fake executions with an unloaded gun.

Previously Ukrainian Anhar Kochneva, who escaped kidnapping by the sectarian terrorists, also confirmed from her own experience that it was impossible to have happened as the Western media reported.

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

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