Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hacked Pentagon emails show USA behind Syria "massacre"

"Massacre" that, as discussed previously in greater detail, was a farce, with drugged children being presented as victims while someone talked in the background on how well would that look in Al Jazeera and the CNN. 

The hacked emails show Colonel Anthony J. McDonald and Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (whatever that means) Mary Shapiro implicated in the warmongering farce.

In one email someone by the name of Eugene P. Furst congratulates Col. McDonald for their psy-op in Damascus:

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I don't know who he is but a quick search shows that there are only five people named Eugene Furst in the USA and, of them, one man aged 40-44 named exactly Eugene P. Furst lives in Arlington Virginia, where the Pentagon (and many other US government and military facilities) is. To be even more precise his address is:
5211 N Carlin Springs Rd Arlington, VA 22203-1333

Maybe some local knows what this means (oh, yeah, not just the NSA can use the Internet for a revealing search!)

In other two emails to Jennifer McDonald (wife of the former), Mary Shapiro worries about those poor Syrian kids but Mrs McDonald explains that:
... Tony [Col. Anthony J. McDonald] comforted me. He said the kids weren't hurt, it was done for the cameras. So don't worry, my dear.

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Sources: Before It's News, Tercera Información[es].

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