Saturday, September 7, 2013

England: thousands confront tiny Nazi march, police protected the Nazis as usual

Thousands of antifascists gathered in the East End London to confront a particularly outrageous Nazi march organized by the EDL and which, in spite of buses bringing fascists from all the country, only gathered a few hundred. 

The march was a total provocation not just for being organized in a largely immigrant district but because it originally attempted to march to Altab Ali Park, named in honor of a Bengali-English worker murdered in 1978 in cold blood by a Nazi just for being different. The attack sparked such outrage that the Nazis were completely expelled from the neighborhood forever. 

Some 3000 police agents were deployed to protect the Nazi march from popular hostility. Police interference with popular anger caused incidents resulting in many arrests (Sare Antifaxista[es] claims 150 arrested). 

Sources: London 24, Anti-Fascist Network.

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