Sunday, September 22, 2013

Widespread protests and direct actions against Nazi impunity in Greece

Many protests have taken place in all Europe in repulse of the murder of rapper Killah P by a Nazi terrorist in Piraeus this week. Some of them in brief:

Zaragoza (→Madriz Rebelde[es]):

Dublin (→El Norte de Irlanda[es]):

Bilbao (→Sare Antifaxista[es], Naiz Info[es]):

Baiona (→Vegan Pays Basque[fr]):

In Greece the protests have taken a more direct slant:

In Ioanina, the demo was called an intervention, as it marched through the area of Kardamitsia, which has become a breeding ground for the Nazis, who recruit youths in that area mostly, sending them to the center of the city to spray Nazi slogans or even start fights with the antifascists, in some cases even pulling out knives. 

“Neither in Kardamitsia, nor anywhere – Bash the fash in every neighbourhood”

The 60-strong antifascist march chanted anti-Nazi slogans, spammed thousands of leaflets and scratched the homes and body-building gyms of the Nazis in the neighborhood. The cowards did not show up. 

In Karditsa, a dozens marched spontaneously after an open air film screening. They went to the local GD office and encountered four Nazis, who attempted to bully the demo out. As result one of them was beaten and the other three run away in panic. 

In Thessaloniki, an antifascist cell attacked the cafeteria Astoria, owned and frequented by the Nazis. 

In Messollogi Golden Down offices were torched with petrol bombs.


These are just some of the many antifascist activities which took place these days in Europe, I just don't know of most of them. Keep it up! Zero tolerance against fascism!

Update: more anti-Nazi actions in Greece:

In Epirus' capital Ioanina, it seems that the previously reported march was just an aperitif: Kimonas Potsis, said to be "a minion" of Christos Pappas a notorious Nazi MP, was spotted along with other two Nazis in an anti-fascist hangout, beaten, kicked and expelled from the café. Soon after, another member of his cell was beaten again in the streets and sent to hospital.

Contra Info.

In Patras some 120 people took part in an antifascist demo on motorbike that lasted an hour.

Contra Info.

In Cephalonia, an antifascist gathering evolved into a direct action of paint-throwing against the local Nazi see. When one of the Nazis inside used a water hose against them, the throwing became one of rocks.

Contra Info.

In Kavala a 500-strong antifascist demo marched through the city. Those present denounced that no SYRIZA member showed up.

“Your democracy stinks fascism. Antifa means attack”

Contra Info.

In the popular Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, a police bus was torched, allegedly in response to the murder of Killah P by Nazis with police complicity. The police occupants managed to get away unharmed... this time.

Contra Info.

Also it has been reported in the news that Golden Dawn has closed its office in Ierapetra, Crete, fearing attacks. They have moved the whole see to Heraklion, the island's capital.


More solidarity protests through Europe:




Donostia (San Sebastian):












Source (for all the locations above): Madriz Antifascista[es].

Update: some 5000 people marched in Kerazin (Athens) chanting anti-Nazi slogans and clashed violently with police when these tried to repress them.


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