Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spain: military police (GC) hid evidence from European human rights watchdog

march against torture
The Spanish military police corps Guardia Civil, particularly infamous for being the police body with the vast majority of denounces for tortures and other abuses, withheld access to European observer of the Commission for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to the facilities where they usually torture Basque and other prisoners. 

They pretended that there were no keys for that allegedly "unused" area in the police station. However a cleaner worker accidentally opened for them a backdoor. 

The Spanish government defends the indefensible and seems to imply that this worker did not have any keys... but some sort of paranormal powers, I guess. The "pact of silence" that rules all-powerful Spanish police continues. 

The CPT's report was very critical with Spain and confirmed that all denounces of tortures are way too credible. The Spanish government again defends the indefensible and shields behind the sad fact that there is not a single firm sentence for tortures, what in fact only evidences the deep implication of the top level judges in covering tortures and other police abuses, which are systematic.

Source: Naiz Info[es] (link1, link2).

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