Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elderly US exile in Cuba officially "targetted for assassination" by Obama

Assata Shakur, 65, exiled in Cuba since 1979 and, in a case similar to that of Mumia Abu Jamal, charged with a dubious police murder, which took place in 1973 in a confusing shooting between Black Panthers and Ohio police. This old case has now been intriguingly revived with the placement of Shakur in the most wanted terrorist list of the White House, which formally allows the imperialist forces to kill her without any further reason. 

Yes, US law today allows for targeted assassination of US citizens at home or abroad, at the whim of the federal authorities who fill that list of "terrorists". 

But why now? Why such a cold, old and nearly forgotten case would be upgraded to "terrorist" category? Glen Ford at argues at BAR that the aim is to target overall the Black Liberation Movement, further criminalizing the most oppressed ethnicity of North America. However I suspect that there is another reason: to create a pretext, a casus belli for military or otherwise forceful intervention against Cuba, whose successful socialist example, where every single citizen has a home, food and free quality healthcare, is felt as a growing threat to the oligarchic rule of the increasingly class-polarized US and European societies, and also for its growing influence in general in the American continent.

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