Friday, May 31, 2013

Greece: persistent unrest in prisons: mutinies, escapes, hunger strikes

A recent communication synthesizes the situation of chaos at Greek prisons. Just in the last few months all the following happened:

February 9th 2013: prisoners of the Detention Centre in Orestiada break out in revolt

February 20th: attempt of revolt in Koridallos prison

February 24th: escape attempt with helicopter by a prisoner in Trikala prison

March 5th: hunger strike in Rhodes jail

March 5th: revolt in Nafplio prison

March 6th: mutiny of prisoners in Patra prison

March 7th: mutiny in Grevena prison

March 11th: seven prisoners escape from the jail of Feres, Evros

March 17th: five prison guards held hostages in Malandrinos prison

March 19th: escape from Agrinio prison

March 22nd: escape from Trikala prison

March 24th: mutiny in Larisa and Patra prisons

March 30th: mutiny of the prisoners of the first ward in Koridallos prison

April 3rd: mutiny in Koridallos female prisons

[No date] Letter of Anarchist Prisoners’ Initiative about the EKAM raids in cells

April 22nd: prisoners’ abstention from mess [meal] in Larisa prison

April 29th: 580 prisoners on hunger strike in Larisa prison

Source and full communication: From the Greek Streets.

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