Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boston massacre: another false-flag attack

After the normal doubts when the official version and your common sense conflict (hey, maybe this time they may be telling the truth: they cannot be such a bunch of compulsive liars, can they?), it seems that again the authorities lied on such a serious issue as the Boston Marathon bomb massacre, as they did with 9/11 and they probably did so many other times. 

The evidence actually piles up to show that the Tsarnaev brothers are just convenient scapegoats and that the attack was probably made by US forces acting with incredible impunity and arrogance.

On the hotspot is particularly Craft International, an elite private paramilitary company, whose declared goals are to provide training for US military and police forces. 

In the photos to the right we can see how several men uniformed as Craft Intl. personnel and carrying black backpacks, identical to the explosive device, are all the time around the area of the explosion, except, of course, when it did explode. 

This is not really new, as I already mentioned it back in the day but then I was missing some key details: like a photo of the exploded backpack and some contextualization. 

All this is provided in the photo-explanation at the right, which I took from Webguerrillero[es], and edited only to translate (back-translate?) the text to Spanish (and then also scale it to half its size for practical reasons, you can see a higher quality image at the original site but with the text in Spanish). 

In the images it's apparent that one heavily tanned man, part of the Craft Intl. group, is a main suspect of actually placing the bomb (one of the two bombs) to any analytical and unprejudiced eye.

Webguerrillero also mentions that an anonymous message to 4chan, hours after the attack, did not just claim that it was a false-flag attack, but did forecast most of what we actually know happened later: that a 20-something youth was blamed and said he did because he is "unstable", and that "the suspect won't be found until the weekend, probably on Friday". 

The site also claims that the elder brother was captured alive and then brutally murdered. 

It is also probably worth mentioning that the founder and former CEO of Craft Intl., Chris Kyle, was murdered in a quite strange incident on February 2nd 2013, barely a month and half before the attack took place. I can't know if it is somehow related to the attack but I would not be surprised at all. 

A few days ago, an acquaintance of the Tsarnaev brothers, a young Chechen man whom his father describes as unable to attack without being provoked, was murdered by an FBI agent while in custody (in an interrogation).

What do they want with these false-flag attacks?

I cannot be sure but something that the farcical attacks of London and Boston have in common is that they seem to want to scatter "Islamist terrorist" responsibility to common people, making every single Muslim (and by extension nearly every immigrant) suspect of terrorism, not anymore the product of organized action by well established organizations like the Western sockpuppet Al Qaeda, but of any other John Doe, or rather Muhammad Ali.

This, if we link with other campaigns like the criminalization of Afro-American resistance, leads to a single conclusion: White, Eurocentric, racism is being promoted as a way to attempt to restore, under US-NATO leadership now, the old colonial order that existed before the Cold War. 

In parallel, it is known by all, how Nazi organizations are being institutionally promoted in all Europe, among other places, as a reserve force to strike against the Working Class, native or immigrant alike.

Also, what the unprecedented state of emergency declared in the suburbs of Boston after the attacks suggests is that they are also experimenting with popular reaction to state of emergency, which may well be the real drill being carried on in this case. 

Finally they must also be testing the reactions of the media and the gullibility of the masses to these campaigns of institutional disinformation and blatant lies.

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