Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pakistan: communist wins elections in South Waziristan (again) but Pakistan demands new elections

Muhammad Ali Al-Maroof Ali Wazir (pictured in electoral poster) won again the elections in the electoral district 41 of the "Taliban" region of South Waziristan under the traditional slogan "bread, clothes and homes", as well as demanding schools and healthcare for all. He did also in 2008 but then as now, the real Pakistani state, the secret services known as ISI, have managed to force a repeat of the voting process. 

I can only underline how ironical is that in the stronghold of Islamic Fascism a communist wins once and again the elections. In other parts of the South Asian country, communists have been effectively barred from running (ah, "democracy"!), but in South Waziristan, Ali Wazir managed to run on an independent ticket... and win. 

Soon after his victory was announced, still at 86% of the vote count, the authorities declared that the election would have to be repeated. 

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