Friday, May 10, 2013

Italy: socialized university bookshop evicted in Milan

The Ex-Cuem self-managed anticapitalist bookshop was evicted by order of the dean of the Milan State University, Gianluca Vago. 

The former CUEM bookshop's closure caused the book business in the unviersity to become a monopoly of CUSL, an emporium linked to the fundamentalist-fascist organization Communione e Liberazione, heavily implicated in corruption scandals and strongly supportive of the neofascist Silvio Berlusconi.

For this reason students decided to occupy the former CUEM bookshop, offering many alternative and cheaper forms of access to literature for students, including book exchange schemes and availability of scanning of books into digital format. 

All them are deemed criminal by the Capitalist Regime as they threaten the profits of the big oligopolistic companies of the oligarchy.

Source: Struggles in Italy

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