Friday, May 10, 2013

Spain: massive strike forces the government to postpone education reform

With a 70% following among teachers and 90% among students, as well as massive demonstrations in many towns, the sectoral strike has forced the neofascist Minister Wert to pull back, at least by the moment, his proposal of reform of the education system. 

The strike was also supported by the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Students' Parents (CEAPA, usually leaning to the right), which demanded the withdrawal of all budgetary cuts to education, the law of reform of the educative system (LOMCE) and the immediate resignation of Mr. Wert.

The bill known as LOMCE by its Spanish acronym is essentially a return to the fascist education system and is particularly hostile to the rights of students who wish to learn in languages other than Castilian-Spanish, as well as uniformizing the teaching of history, for example, in ways that are blatantly Spanish-imperialist. 

According to some unions the law is almost certainly unconstitutional. 

We can only imagine that the passing of the law will be delayed until the summer in order to prevent a hot spring in the education system. 

Sources: Público[es], Kaos[es], Al Jazeera.

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