Sunday, May 5, 2013

Andalusia: workers persist in their attempt to collectivize Las Turquillas farmland

Hundreds of workers organized around the Andalusian Workers' Union (SAT) continue in their attempt to occupy and collectivize the ranch Las Turquillas, legal "property" of the Ministry of Defense of Castile-Spain, state that occupies the Andalusian territory since centuries ago in colonial and late feudal style. 

The military police corps Guardia Civil threatened to charge with all and without mercy if they continued in their first attempt today. Therefore the workers attempted to proceed by other areas less protected but without success because they were trying to avoid direct confrontation with the police and military forces, which have helicopters and mounted forces.

Years ago the now ruling party PP (conservatives nearing outright fascism) demanded from the government of the time (PSOE, blairites) to cede the unused military land to the municipality of Osuna in order to create jobs. As soon as they reached power they "forgot" about their demands.

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