Monday, May 27, 2013

Netherlands: immigrants in hunger and thirst strike

Since May 1st, 2013 more than a hundred prisoners in migrant detention centers throughout the Netherlands have gone on hunger and thirst strike. Some have already been broken by intimidation and isolation, but some, such as Nessar, who is on hunger and thirst strike in Rotterdam, are still on strike at the time of writing (the 13th of May). Since he is a spokesperson for the strikers, he was placed in isolation a few days ago. They are waking him up every hour, refusing to allow independent doctors visits, and since his kidneys are failing, he was brought yesterday, against his will, to the penitentiary hospital.

Solidarity with the migrants in hunger strike

These strikes have only become known due to the solidarity demo’s that took place in several migrant prisons on the 5th of May. The recent hunger strikes deserve our full solidarity, as a desperate call for dignity and freedom. In the Netherlands thousands of people are locked up simply for being ‘illegal’. The ones who decide to take these ‘measures’, the ones who make laws to which everyone must bend, are the ones profiting from control and repression.

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