Saturday, May 11, 2013

Basque Country: another massive nonviolent resistance action for Inquisition victim

Urtza Alkorta addresses her supporters
Urtza Alkorta is the last one still at large of the eight youths sentenced by the Spanish Inquisition (AN) to six years of prison for their political activities under the doctrine "everything is ETA". Six of them were arrested in the context of a similar nonviolent resistance action in Donostia (San Sebastian), after two failed attempts, while another one walked herself to prison with her baby after that action for obvious reasons of child safety. 

Urtza has chosen instead her hometown of Ondarroa (Biscay), which has dressed itself of orange in an open nonviolent challenge to the Spanish injustice and its Basque lackeys. They await there the likely intervention of police tonight.

Source, photogallery and video: Borroka Garaia Da![eu]

Update (May 13): Police forces approached the protest thrice yesterday (noon after midnight and before dawn) but did not dare to attempt the arrest, as hundreds formed a massive "human wall" at the bridge, making police intervention impossible without causing a massacre:

The Town Hall of Ondarroa has denounced that attempting to arrest Urtza Alkorta is a direct attack against the peace process. 

Urtza herself also denounced the collaborationist attitude of the conservative Basque Nationalist Party, which controls the Western Basque police corps nowadays. She said that "they must make a choice" between Spain and the Basque People, that this is not anymore just the Basque Patriotic Left but the whole Basque People which they are fighting against.

Sources: Naiz Info (link 1, link 2), Twitter #ResistOndarru.

Update (May 14): Four days and nights of resistance completed successfully. Today is the fifth one. Groups of activists from all the country are rotating in the task of manning the human wall (potentially risking their lives if police acts recklessly) against neofascist imperialist repression.

Source: Bilboko Branka[eu].

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