Thursday, May 23, 2013

London "attack": where's the blood? A substandard farce!

The London "attack" yesterday against an alleged soldier starts looking absolutely farcical.

As you may have watched in an "exclusive video" (see below), one of the purported attackers, who speaks bluntly to a passerby with a camera (no shouts of Allah u akbar at all, against what has been reported in the media) appears to have his hands and kitchen utensils (knife and ax) dramatically bloodied. However when we look at it all with calm that cannot be fresh blood but looks actually like red paint, alredy dry: not liquid nor dripping at all, the man even touches his sweater and not a single drop is visible on it.

Killing with a knife and a machete is a bloody affair: not just the clothes of the alleged attackers should be drenched in blood (and not just the hands and weapons) but the corpse should be still bleeding for a while even after death and a blood pool should be under and around him.

However when we watch the video we see absolutely nothing resembling blood anywhere around the corpse.

In spite of all this blatant evidence, the British government and police, as well as the Nazi party EDL, are treating it as a real "terrorist attack".

I must protest: not just because it is obviously a farce but because the quality of the show is totally substandard. Are they trying to test how gullible people is or what?

Partial source: Webguerrillero[es].

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