Sunday, May 26, 2013

England: Nazis exploit the false flag Woolworth staged "attack", antifascists confront them. Right-wing government plans police state on the Internet

The information I have is still patchy but it seems evident that the Nazi organization EDL, with ties to the Zionist-Nazi Utöya butcher A. Breivik, has been organizing rallies and racist manhunts across England. Antifascists have responded in great numbers. 

The most reported confrontation took place in Newcastle, where at least 1000 antifascist citizens called by city councilors, labor unionists and anti-discrimination movements actively opposed the Nazi rally. However some of the leadership (with special mention for the SWP) decided to exclude the most militant antifascists of the Revolutionary Communist Group (FRFI) and led police against them, resulting in 14 arrests, after apparent set-up. 

Internet freedoms will be the first victims of the Goebbelsian staged attack

Reactionary Interior Minister Theresa May has outlined her plans to exploit the false-flag "attack" to push forward fascist measures of ideological control on the Internet. 

Initially at least these plans are being opposed by the Liberals, who support the government. Former minister Menzies Campbell said:

It would be the first time such powers could be given to monitor people at risk of being radicalised. We would be using electronic listening and other devices, as I understand it, for the first time for people who were not suspected of indulging in criminal behaviour.

What is being argued for by some is that all of us should be subject to scrutiny of every telephone call we make, every text we send and every internet site we visit. That is a very, very substantial intrusion into people's lives.

(Source: The Guardian).

So that is another key aspect of what they actually seem to intend with these scandalous false-flag attacks: the 21st century version of Fascism destroying Internet freedom by a dramatic escalation of censorship and persecution of freedom of speech or even of thought.


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