Friday, May 10, 2013

Pakistani court rules: US drone attacks are Crimes Against Humankind

Sometimes someone has to state the obvious: drone attacks (againts usually civilian or mixed targets) are Crimes Against Humankind, and then, of course, absolutely illegal under Pakistani and International law. 

The case was brought by citizens of North Waziristan on the particular (but way too common) case of a US attack against a tribal council (jirga), which had been mustered to solve a long-standing inter-tribal conflict. Among the attendants were some 18 alleged Taliban militants but all the rest were unrelated to any conflict. 

The Peshawar High Court declares the USA and the CIA guilty of blatant violation of basic human rights and are against the UN Charter, the UN General Assembly Resolution, as well as against the Geneva Convention (war laws).

The civilian victims of this mass murder included infants/ suckling babies, women and preteen children, as well as considerable damage to properties, livestock and wildlife. 

The court rules that the USA and CIA must pay indemnities to the victims or their survivor relatives, established in dollars. It also instructs the Pakistani government to take measures so no further violations of the sovereignty of Pakistan are committed by foreign troops, having the right and obligation to strike down the drones when they enter Pakistani airspace. 

It also instructs the government to file a formal complaint against the USA and to officially investigate the matter, as well as to demand the UN to establish a War Crimes tribunal dedicated to the matter. It requires from the Pakistani and UN Security Councils to pass resolutions condemning the violations of sovereignty, asking that, if not satisfied by the USA, Pakistan must sever all ties with the aggressor power, diplomatic and logistic. 

The Pakistani Armed Forces get a yearly $26 billion bribe from the USA, what effectively makes them, as happens with Egyptian, Yemeni, Colombian and other neocolonial armed forces, a mercenary entity unwilling to defend its own population against their imperial master.

Source: The Dissenter.

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