Saturday, May 25, 2013

London "terrorist attack" clearly a farce

While the mainstream media continues with their mercenary pipelining of such obviously manipulated information, I can't but find more and more evidence that the Woolworth attack was a blatantly obvious farce. 

First of all a second video has surfaced with the footage of the alleged attacker speaking to a camera without any sign of blood on his hands, so now it seems it was not dry paint as I first imagined but mere mediocre photoshopping. 

"Blood" here, nothing here... it must be magic!

I just watched this video a moment ago but has now become "private" (censorship?) In any case you can watch it at Webguerrillero by the moment (embedded soon enough).

Second there are plenty of images of the apparent victim without a single drop of blood apparent. Furthermore: no blood is seen on the road (where the body lays) nor on the nearby sidewalk. However later, when police and emergency services were already there, a track of blood appeared out of nothing on the sidewalk, just in front of the crashed car. 

And nope, that late track of blood is not either blood from the "shot" attackers, because they were "shot" (no blood again, no videos either except a messy police air video and the police report) at another spot, on the road near the opposite sidewalk and what seems to be a small park of grass. 

The oil track of the crashed car seems the only thing legit in this ridiculous scam.

The level of incredulity is so high that even the usually conservative Huffington Post is questioning the official version as am unbelievable charade.

Truth Frequency Radio finds the false flag attack so extremely poor quality that they think that the Monty Python did much better in this gag:

In spite of all, our "free media" (ahem) keep repeating the official version, showing that they have nothing of free or even journalist at all, but making true Goebbel's motto: a lie repeated a thousand times is a truth.

Never mind our political leaders like that babyface of Cameron: they have been shamelessly lying all the time, they would probably feel ashamed of saying a single truth, even if accidentally.


  1. No, it is not a farce. How long are you going to believe in such conspiracy theories? I saw the whole video. The colour changes due to the copy, which is a pretty common thing. There was a woman who discussed with this murderer for minutes and she described how the body started to bleed minutes later, which make her believe the person on the street was not dead yet (as heart was beating), but she didn't go to the body again (she had before and there was no pulse, check out The Guardian). The video you see was taken before the woman started to talk to him.
    There are dozens of pictures from different people about these guys.
    I'll guess you'll never recant, just post more quickly so that this post disappears. Come on!

    1. Please, seeing is believing. And what I see is an obvious ridiculous blatant farce that would even shame Orwell's dystopic leaders.

      Blood is liquid: it drips, gets stuck to everything and forms pools, even before seeing the other video (which is very clear), I thought that the "blood" was nothing but dry paint. But after watching the alternative footage, it's obvious that it's pathetic photoshop.

      Why did not the body left any blood pool. Or more precisely, why don't we see any blood pool nor stains on the floor (only those chalk actor positions marks) and later on we see a large stain of blood in a different place where the body was and where there was no blood initially at all?

      You are blind (I don't want to imagine that you are a liar): it's blatantly obvious. Outrageous!


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