Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hungary supresses last democratic formalities in fascist spiral

The constitutional reform impelled unilaterally by the "liberal-conservative" (i.e. fascist) FIDESZ party of the infamous Viktor Orban, which includes all kind of aggressions to human rights, freedom of speech, secularism, etc., has also suppressed the role of the Constitutional Court altogether, leaving all power in the hands of the government and parliament, both under control of FIDESZ, removing this way the last element of formal "democracy" and "power balance" in the Central European state. 

There is no press freedom, no sexual rights, no religious rights, no human rights in Hungary anymore, as in the 1930s, Hungary, which is not even anymore a republic, has become a full-fledged fascist state where the President honors well known racist figures without any shame. 

In more "normal" times, such a fascist regime would be at the very least suspended from EU membership, as happened with Austria years ago, however these times are anything but normal: fascism, covert or open, is the new normality in Europe, it seems, under the sponsorship of "moderate" right-wing forces and even allegedly "leftist" ones, as happens in Greece, where PASOK and DIMAR support a government that promotes Golden Dawn terrorism. 

Source: Eurasian Hub[es].

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