Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some old music: "Nuclear yes, of course!"

Before discovering Punk, I listened to almost everything that was in the radio, which in those times was quite ample, not the boring pop monotony of today. One of the bands I enjoyed the most in my pre-Punk era was Aviador Dro, a techno-industrial Castilian band of openly Anarchist ideology, who soon launched their own records company. Apparently the song that made them so popular back in 1983 was "Nuclear sí, por supuesto!" ("Nuclear yes, of course!"), which plays with nuclear apocalypse ideas so keen to the movies and other entertainment of that period to expose the madness of the nuclear ideology. Now sounds a bit silly (and also a bit sad because it evokes the terrible reality of Chernobyl, Fukushima and other places) but back in the day it was a great success, probably because the anti-nuclear struggles and the ever present threat of overnight global destruction by nuclear armaggedon of military design were in the limelight.

Lyrics (original Spanish here):

Nuclear yes, of course!
Nuclear yes, how not!

I want to swim in radium seas
with clouds of cobalt, strontium and plutonium.
I want to have lead covers
and deformed children riding their motorcycles.
Deserted ruins with beautiful swimming pools
dried up women with vampire voices
Hungry mutants searching in the streets
fresh corpses that sate their hunger

Nuclear yes, of course!
Nuclear yes, how not!

Burning hills, scorched by the sun
and forests of lights of burned skins
Monstrous snakes gulping houses
and wide deserts covered by embers 
Roaring volcanoes spitting lava
and hot zones completely razed
Hidden caves in deep beaches
and valleys covered of winged flowers

Nuclear yes, of course!
Nuclear yes, how not!

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