Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day in the Basque Country

With all the eyes on the national general strike of March 30 against the ever growing abuses of Capitalism the Basque Worker People went out today to demand social justice.

Revolt against cuts, fight our rights!

While ELA organized a national demonstration in Bilbao, LAB decided to organize marches in every district because, they say, that way more people goes out.

In Durango, Ainhoa Etxaide (Secretary General of LAB) criticized the pseudo-nationalist government of Christian-Democrat Urkullu, who offered a pact of state to the Spanish unionist (and strongly capitalist) twin parties as well as the policies of the Spanish government and European Union. 

Baiona (Bayonne)
Let us fight capitalism
Fight and revolt capitalism
Build the Basque Country of workers

Political repression was very present in this day, as the state tries to divide popular resistance by giving conditional permits to some, while imprisoning or banning others at whim.

In Pamplona the youth movement Ernai, recently censored by the Spanish Inquisition, were given microphone time. Their speaker denounced the lack of future of the Basque youth, which is being robbed by corrupt oligarchs.

Iruñea (Pamplona)
Distribution of work... so we can all work!!
Collective of Unemployed Workers of Pamplona District

Source: Naiz Info[es/eu] (article1, article2, photo gallery), also video of LAB demo in Iruñea-Pamplona at Ateak Ireki.

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