Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day: police shoots two in Oaxaca, Mexico, 32 arrested

Mexican police bullets injured two workers in May Day demonstrations in Oaxaca. 32 other people were arrested.

The highly participated march of FUSIÓN labor union in remembrance of the Chicago martyrs was troubled by incidents as some independent groups attacked several bank offices and one restaurant. Police responded by brutally attacking the march with live fire.

Victor Agustín Reyes, speaker of FUSIÓN, demanded the immediate release of 20 of the arrested who are members of the People's Revolutionary Front (FPR), saying that they had evidence that none of them had taken part in the incidents. Francisco Martínez, speaking for the FPR, made the same demands, warning of undetermined measures if the authorities did not release the militants immediately.

There are reports that the arrested were object of abuses and that paramilitary groups attacked some demonstrators.

Video of one of the shootings:

Source: Kaos en la Red[es].

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