Thursday, May 2, 2013

ETA demands that Spain and France stop playing around with Basque prisoners

Citing the particularly abusive case of Xabier López Peña, dead of sustained medical negligence in Paris, and that of Angel Figueroa, also recently dead in prison, ETA accuses the top political chieftains of Spain and France, Mariano Rajoy and François Hollande as responsible of these unncesary deaths.

They denounce the dispersion of prisoners, often more than a thousand kilometers away from home, as well as the exceptional measures applied against them, which only contribute to the blockade of the peace process so far unilaterally held by ETA. 

They also denounce the hypocritical collaborationist attitude of the Basque Nationalist Party (conservative, ruling the Western Basque Country).

They ratify their compromise with the Aiete international peace plan but say that, if they want peace for real, the official authorities would also try to abide by that very reasonable plan. 

They state that we are at crossroads in which the whole process is at stake, that the attacks against the rights of prisoners and the blockade to the peace process must stop at once. 

This is about the hardest statement they have probably issued since the unilateral cease fire began two years and several months ago.

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